Woman found with a big snake while guarding a patient at Dedza hospital, police say she has no case to answer, snake is a pet

Police in Dedza dismissed a case brought to the station by angry people who caught a woman with snake while guarding a patient at Dedza hospital.

Reports indicate that the woman, whose identity was not revealed, came at the hospital few days ago with a patient and she has been acting as a guarding.

While in the hospital, she had a bag that she never opened and kept it closer to her. It is believed that she kept the snake in the bag.

What brought the hospital to a standstill was when a child of the woman opened the bag and the snake came out. To shock people further, the woman came, took the snake and started playing with it as if she is playing with a puppy.

This angered people who then took her to Dedza Police station. However, the police dismissed the case saying the woman had not broken any law to be arrested, but asked her to remove the snake from the hospital as it was making people uncomfortable.

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