Who told Malawi National Team the Flames that God intervenes in football matches?

Malawi National Team that we proudly call the Flames was in Cameroon where they suffered a 1-0 loss to the Indomitable Lions.

Prior to the game, Malawi National team led by vice Manager Aubrey Nankhuni spent a good time in prayers and worship asking God for victory.

Prayers fell on deaf ears as they still conceded a goal and lost the game in a shaming one to zero effort.

Should we say God did not hear Flames prayers or they did not pray enough?

Such are questions lingering in the minds of football lovers. Flames applied an emotional strategy when they brought in God to the game made to be for entertainment.

We are here now, afraid to unleash our anger on the team in fear of a God who answered with a loss.

What Mr Nankhuni and the entire team should know is that you dont need God in somethings especially in matters of entertainment.

Remember, He is not just the God of Malawi national team alone. He also answers to the opponents. Some of these prayers simply put him in difficult situation if such is the correct word.

The team should focus on building a strong squad that will deliver results and not Born Agains who will make noise in worship prior to the games.

The loss to Cameroon is humiliation to Malawi but losing after such prayers is a big shame to the gods of Flames.

– Editorial.

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