The rest of Africa has embraced Prophet Bushiri, why cant Malawi do the same and support their own

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Few days ago, I read on one of Malawi’s leading internet news publications that the leader and founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is considering sending back most Malawians that he has employed in his church.

This was confirmed by his Communications Director Ephraim Nyondo who allergies that the man of God is yet to be recognized by his own people despite his unconditional love for his country and fellow citizens.

Achieving global results

To some people, this was simply an emotional appeal not worth the headlines on local papers and to others, there was much sense that needs to be put into consideration.

Am a South African and certainly, I might not have moral grounds to give my opinion on the matter as it seems to be between country brothers, however, I am also reminded that we are simply one Africa and we belong to the same SADC for that matter.

Africa loves him, why not Malawi


For staters, I should mention that its never easy to come into South Africa and establish yourself. If it was that easy, everyone would have done it. There is something about prophet Shepherd Bushiri. It is only Pastor Chris Oyakhilome who achieved close what our fellow bantu personality has achieved.

South Africa, being the hub of Africa’s economy, It has set up very strict financial regulations for non citizens.

People dont just come and make it big here they are subjected to serious regulations and this becomes even a bigger problem when your seemingly competitors gang up against you.

He needs support from fellow country men

This is the humble case of prophet Shepherd Bushiri who was fought left and right by South Africa’a indigenous preachers who felt that the young man from Malawi had come in their way.

Genuine things will always prevail, he prevailed, winning every attack against him. He is loved in South Africa and same love has extended to different corners of the world, expect Malawi, his country of birth.

Let me applaud the government of Malawi that has fully endorsed Prophet Bushiri, putting to acknowledgement his numerous contributions towards ending poverty and high levels of unemployment rate. Good gesture.

What has prompted me and perhaps millions of other people to question that despite his many achievements and efforts to put Malawi on the map, his fellow countrymen have failed to see the bigger picture and instead made it hard for the man of God to achieve what he intends to add on his list.

Recently, there was death of one of his leading worshipers and two other members of his church. When the world was mourning with him, some Malawians found an opportunity to name and shame the man of God with all sorts of satanic related accusations that were only supported by hate.

This has been the tendency on most cases. Perhaps, after failing to find tangible issues that corner the man of God, propaganda has been an escapegoat.

Prophet Bushiri needs utmost support from his country men. It is a curse when a man of God such as him reaches a breaking point and thinks of letting go of his active citizenry. It is a shame Malawians have to carry on their faces.

Embrace the man of God and proud of his global achievements that have attracted big organisations and individuals. It is only when there is no enemy inside that enemies outside fear you.

People should pleade with him and learn from him. Whatever he has achieved is out of the ordinary and should attract support not hate.

He has too much years ahead of him, the best that Africa, Malawi in particular can do is to engage him seriously on national issues. He has the heart and financial muscle to transform the country of Malawi and empower it the same way he is empowering South Africa.

Now, my humble and personal plea to Malawians is, Can you give the Man of God, your own son the support and love that he deserves? Search the answer in your hearts.

By: Tshiamo Tsotetsi, a social commentator with published work on News24, SowetanLIVE and many more.

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