People’s Party goes hard on Leston Mulli, request him to withdraw “barbaric” speech of tribalism made at Mulhako Wa Lhomwe

Joyce Banda’s People’s Party has condemned speech made by Mulako Wa Lhomwe Chairman Leston Mulli in which he asked all the Lhomwes of the country to support Peter Mutharika in 2019 because he is their own tribesman.

Mulli was speaking in Thyolo at Mulhako Wa Lhomwe cultural Celebration where President Mutharika and senior government officials were in attendance.

“The People’s Party noted with shock that during the Mulhako Wa Lhomwe cultural Celebration, Hon Leston Mulli who is the chairman of the grouping called upon all the Lhomwe people to support and vote for President Peter Mutharika in 2019 on grounds that he is their fellow Lhomwe,” part of the statement signed by PP’s Publicity Secretary Ackson Kalaile.


The PP went on to say, “we also noted with dissatisfaction when President Peter Mutharika failed to condemn such unwarranted speech that has no room in a national that promotes unity and oneness across all tribes in the country.”

As a matter of urgency, the party asked Hon Mulli to withdraw his remarks and also appealed to DPP to condemn such hate speech.

“As People’s Party, we find this behaviour to be very barbaric and uncalled for. We therefore would like to request Hon Leston Mulli to withdraw his remarks and we also urge the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and the president to condemn and renounce such tribalistic speech by one of their own. People of Malawi should vote on grounds that they like the candidate and have faith in him to develop our nation and not because he is one of their own. We are all Malawians and should mingle as such.,” said the statement.

Mulhako Wa Lhomwe celebrates an annual gathering where they come together to share their culture practices as one way of preserving the tribe’s culture.


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