MEC Missing Machine: 600,000 Mozambiquans registered in the system, grouped to be from Lhomwe belt

According to Banthu Times, 600,000 Mozambicans have been registered in Mozambique and they will vote and Lhomwe Belt banner.

This comes after a missing biometric voter registration kit went missing and was found in Mozambaque. It has so far been retrieved to Malawi.

“Banthu times can reveal MEC has registered about 600,000 voters from Mozambique so they can inform Malawians Lomwe belt has registered over a million people to rig election for Peter Mutharika a former lover of Mrs Jane Ansah MEC Chair,” posted Bantu Times.

People have reacted to MEC’s silence when the registration kit went missing. Others are calling for MEC Chairperson Dr Jane Ansah to resign over the rigging claims.

“I might have missed something very important. Was there any report from MEC about the missing of this biometric machine? Or MEC has just discovered of its missing after it has been found in a cargo train in Mozambique. This is a very serious issue,” wrote People’s Party Publicity Secretary Ackson Kalaile Banda.

“Justice Jane Ansah must resign. She is presiding over a rigging operation. The explanation by the electoral body of how the biometric registration machine was found in Mozambique is total bullshit,” wrote Onjezani Kenani, a Malawi activist living in Geneva, Switzerland.

MEC is yet to explain on what happened for the machine to go missing. Malawi Police, through National Spokesperson James Kadadzera also confirmed the incident and said they are investigating.

“We heard that the machine was found in Mozambique and its now in Malawi. We will be investigating to establish what really happened,” said Kadadzera.

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