Malawians react to MEC’s missing biometric registration kit (machine) found in Mozambique

A number of Malawians have reacted to MEC’s missing biometric registration kit that was found in a Vale train in Mozambique. Bellow are reaction:

“Justice Jane Ansah must resign. She is presiding over a rigging operation. The explanation by the electoral body of how the biometric registration machine was found in Mozambique is total bullshit,” wrote Onjezani Kenani, a Malawi activist living in Geneva, Switzerland.

I just woke up to one of the most disgusting and disturbing news today that a biometric machine used for voter registration has been found in Mozambique.  This is a machine belonging to Malawi Electroal Commission. The most powerful body in Malawi responsible for overseeing the elections of the most powerful and influential people in Malawi. I am still following up on what they say happened while I ask all good willing Malawians to help us in finding out more of what happened and why this issue was never reported anywhere when this machine was said to have been “stolen”? – Wrote Dennis Imaan.

“What really baffles me, and perhaps the good part of the society, is that MEC did not report the missing of the machine. We have only come to know about its former missing because an insider has spilled the beans, otherwise MEC was not ready either to tell the nation. And Ms Jane Ansah, the Commissioner at MEC is, reportedly, an ex girlfriend of president Peter Mutharika,” write Nancy Tembo.

“In any other country by this morning people would have gathered at MEC offices demanding an explaination from our incompetent and compromised Chairlady. Ife pano basi ka status update basi zatheka….Kaya I will be alone I’m going to face off with this lady. WE NEED ANSWERS! #JaneAnsahMustFall,” wrote Hellen Chabunya.

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