Malawians left in shock after police officer rapes a 14 year old female offender

By: Kelvin Sulugwe

From feeding Zameer Karim’s corrupt belly that has captured the state, Malawi Police continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons not befitting their boots.

Reports erupting in local radios claim that a group of police officers from Malawi Police Headquarters in Lilongwe and Mponela Police Station showed up at Chisepo in Dowa to bully a 14-year-old girl who says a police officer raped her in a police cell in the area.

The girl’s mother told Malawi Insider that the officers went to the village on Saturday to intimidate her and her daughter to discourage them from coming forward and reporting the rape and sex assault against one of their colleagues.

According to the girl’s parents, the incident occurred during the night of 4th October this year when the girl was detained in custody after a school fight with a friend.

Mponela Police Station Officer, Senior Superintendent Innocent Kasongo, says he is not aware of the development.

The girl claims she was raped by a police officer at Chisapo Police Unit.

Medical report shows that the girl was defiled on 4th October, 2018 and she was treated to avoid pregnancy and other Sexually Transmitted Infections.

The Traditional leaders under Traditional Authority Kayembe in the district, led by Senior Group Village Headman Mphangala have ganged up calling for the police officers to be moved from the area immediately.

The chiefs say it is questionable that the police arrested an inmate accusing him of defiling the girl yet the girl told them that the one who had defiled her had keys which he used to open the cell where she was being kept in, and that the alleged police officer was wearing a mask.

Senior Superintendent Kasongo confirmed that the girl was indeed defiled whilst in police cell, but disputed that an officer is behind the matter.

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