Eying to be the business mogul of Malawi, Sir Patricks talks of clothing label

Blantyre-based Afro pop star, ‘Sir’ Patricks, real name Patrick Mambulu, will join the list of artists to launch a clothing line.

According to the artist, the line will start with T-shirts. The name of the clothing line is The Definition of Talent.

The artist joins a list of other artists who have launched their products on the market, taking advantage of their fame from music.

Faith Mussa last year launched his Mdidi clothing line, Fredokiss launched his Ntchana accessories line, Tay Grin launched his Fruity drinks, among others.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency on Friday, ‘Sir’ Patricks confirmed about the launch, saying the decision to introduce the clothing line was made to appreciate the support his fans render to him.

“These are T-shirts that I have designed for my fans as a token of appreciation. Many people listen to my music in their houses, they come to my shows and they have basically made me who I am today. I want them to have something that symbolizes that they are my fans.

“I assure Malawians that this clothing line is something that is here to stay. I have dedicated a specific team to look into the production of these T-shirts,” he said.

‘Sir’ Patricks said the T-shirts will be first available in Limbe and later in Blantyre, thereafter, in Lilongwe before hitting all corners of the country.

“Now, we are selling them at K8 000 directly to fans who are placing orders. Come next week, they will be available in Limbe because we have identified one shop there,” he said.

The T-shirts, which have the picture of Sir Patricks performing on stage, have been designed by the artist himself with the help of Joseph Malera and are reported to be of first-class quality.

“The T-shirts are of high quality, they are thick, even the neck lining is elastic that is if washed, it does not change shape,” he said.

One of his fans Chrissy Banda said it is interesting to see that the number of artists venturing into clothes designing is growing.

“They are connecting with their fans on a more personal level which is good. It will be interesting to follow this development and see how far it goes,” she said.

Banda said that renowned artists around the world explore all avenues of expanding their reach.

“Look at artists such as Beyonce. She has a line of perfumes which are selling even right here in Malawi. I hope our artists will try to take that route and make a success of their ventures,” she said.

Meanwhile, over 30 T-shirts have already been sold prior to the launch through the special orders.

“Nevertheless, there will be no special launch of the clothing line,” Sir Patricks said.

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